Sunday, September 19, 2010


It's been awhile and alot has happened!

I attended a networking/speed mentoring event for Canadian Women in Communications in Toronto. I just happened to visit their site and found the event was just days away. I took the train and met a friend in the big city, whom I had worked with in London, and she wanted to attend too!

Armed with my Timmies and my best smile...

I had some time between getting off the train and meeting my friend, so I had created my own business card in PDF format at home... sent it to myself... and stopped in at the closest Kinkos to print a few up to pass around.

The way it worked was, you were seated at a table with at least two "mentors". They were women on the board of CWC, all of whom had reached a lofty tier in their respective mediums. You got 20 min at the table and then had to move to another one.

We were a bit late so didn't have a choice on seat placement. That was okay, there were all sorts of interesting women there from all manner of emerging and tried and true industries.

I felt like it was an out of body experience! I asked questions and created conversation that seemed to come not from me, but from some cosmic force. I'm not kidding! I felt like I was in my element and it was breathtaking! My friend said she thought alot of the attendees thought I WAS a mentor!

The last few moments, I spoke with the head of talent development with the CBC, Eva Czigler. As you may guess, she was swarmed by people, but we shared a few words then she had to go. It was a fabulous feeling to just be courageous and confident enough to put some ideas forward without the regard for what others thought. I have a renewed drive, one I haven't felt in myself in several years!

Met with friends afterward to finish off the day!

I followed up with Ms Czigler with an e-mail, some pointed questions and my resume and headshot. She responded by asking if I wanted to meet her for coffee in Toronto! I couldn't believe it! Of course, it's no promise of anything but it certainly bolsters one's confidence! One who was walked out the door just over two weeks ago!

I have not let a negative thought enter my mind! I bought a new outfit, winter coat and some comfy shoes. I bought another train ticket and found someone to take care of Lola again, so lucky to have my dog-sitter!

Again, the universe has opened up to new possibilities, and I am SO ready!

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