Friday, December 31, 2010

Celebrating out with the old and in with the new!

It’s been a helluva year. Glad to see it go. It’s been filled with heartache and despair but also laughter and healing… talking and drinking… speculation and disappointment.

But it’s done now! Finally… on to something new!

I sit and debate how to celebrate the ushering out of one of the worst years I have lived through and the dawn of a year I know will be so fruitful!

I have had some fantastic offers to attend house parties, I have considered going to my favourite watering hole to celebrate with friends, and I still fall back on sitting at home and killing a few bottles of bubbly, knowing my dog won’t be crossing her legs come 2 or 3am… and I’ll still be able to put one foot in front of the other and go for an easy run Jan.1…

It doesn’t take away from the fact that I want to makeout with someone. Yep, makeout. Like high school. I don’t need to have the rest, just the kissing and groping over the clothes. I’m a minimalist.

I don’t want to have to get all dressed up, pretend I’m “game” and makeout with a stranger out of desperation. I’m not desperate. I can pick up. I just don’t want to take them home.

I want to talk. And laugh.

After we makeout of course or AS we makeout!

And I love sex. Absolutely cannot live without it. It’s not the be all and end all… but it IS important J … to me.

There are very few people that I feel I can truly talk to. I have so many wonderful friends and I listen intently and with earnest about their lives, loves and tribulations and am truly intrigued.

But now it’s my time! Time for me to shine, time for me to get what I deserve in every way! I have nothing to prove. Time to throw off the shackles and conquer anything and anyone my heart desires! Life is far too short! I can hear the clock ticking on the back of my neck.

I hear fate whispering in my ear. “Hold nothing back! Drive! Push on! Live!”

Regardless of how I usher in 2011, it will be magical, for me.. and countless others!!!

"Lig dom agus ligfidh mé duit!"

Roughly translated (Gaelic)

"Let me be and I'll let you be".

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December Update - New Blog!

Thanks to some of you inquiring about what's been going on with me! I have been writing a new blog... you can find it here:

Shauna's new blog

There have been some great opportunities for me work-wise and I will elaborate in the New Year!

I have been taking French as a second language and tonight is my big presentation! We could choose any topic to talk about so I chose to talk about what I have learned in the past year or so! I translated it from English to French so here is the English version:

You’re Never Too Old to Learn and Change

In the past year, I have a new outlook! I didn’t always think this way but I am happy I do now!

Growing up in a Catholic home in a small town in Ontario, I thought that I should go to school, meet a man, get married and have kids. Some of that happened, not in that order, but most of it didn’t.

I thought I had failed.

I was the class clown. I thought making people laugh was the best way to make friends. But when my friends ran into difficulties later in their lives, real problems, jokes were not always the answer.

So I learned.

When I let someone choose me instead of choosing them, I really learned! The hard way!

When I chose someone that I could boss around and it didn’t work out, that was one of the hardest things to admit but I learned even more!

When I became 30, then 40 and it became clear that maybe I would never have children, I learned that that would be okay. I got a dog.

I learned that just because people have a thought about what a happy life should be, that it doesn’t mean your life can’t be happy, even if it’s different.

I have learned that I cannot judge anyone! I want to hear other people’s situations whatever they are. Everyone is the way they are for a reason.

I have learned that my job isn’t who I am. I can do my job in the best way I know how and sometimes that job just isn’t for me. And it takes being away from it to see it.

I have learned that it’s okay to shower an animal with affection. But it’s okay to shower people with affection too, without expecting anything in return.

I have learned that it’s okay to go camping with no one but your dog.

I have learned that I like certain things that are bad for me like wine and cheese! But I have also learned that life can be cut short in a moment so I want to live each day like it’s my last! And if today is my last day, I want everyone to know how much I love them.

I have learned that worrying about my weight or anything really, takes time away from living my life. And I already know that life is way too short! When I look at pictures of myself 10 years from now, I will say how great I looked. So why not think it now!

I have learned that some people are only with you for a short time and so you need to appreciate the time you have with them.

I was scared of a lot of things. I learned that you CAN get over some fears and to be a little afraid to do something can make it worth doing!

As an adult, getting up in front of a class and talking has been a big fear. Today, even just a little bit, I am facing that fear with all of you.

There are many things I have learned and one of them is a little bit of French!

So you ARE never too old to learn and change!