Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I love the country I live in. I love the city of London and I love the little village where I now live! What could be better? People are friendly, creative and quirky and their homes reflect that. There is always something going on and it warms my heart!

I have had to explain my marital situation to a few people lately and it seems easier and I say less. It's just a little simpler. Plus, I don't feel the need to vent as much anymore. It's finally fading!

I wonder if people realize that just because others look confident on the outside does not mean they are any more or less self-assured than they themselves are. We all seem to worry that "everyone else" has it together but it's simply a lie your mind creates. If only we could still that incessant voice, the world would be a much happier place. I think meditation helps. If you can clear you mind, there's no chance that dirty rotten voice can screw with your self image and sabbotage your happiness.

People need to share more. Just talking and helping others realize we are all the same really. My new neighbour said he was going to let me in on a secret. That it's his birthday on the weekend. I read a little more into it. I will get him a card and maybe a small gift. No one should have to think no one cares for them. A simple token means so much. If only we weren't so afraid of people that are okay being alone. It seems freakish and foreign, but it takes true courage and the enjoyment of your own company to be alone. But sometimes being alone you forget how great it is to have company. I will knock on my neighbour's door for his birthday. He might like the company. Me too.

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