Sunday, August 15, 2010

Crossing Over

I just got home from seeing Eat Pray Love at the theatre. I'd read the book and was hoping I wouldn't be disappointed in the movie version of a book I truly loved reading this year. I wasn't! It was funnier even than the book and a bit more dramatic for Hollywood I suspect, but I found it truly inspiring! Loved the soundtrack too!

I shed a few tears during the movie, as it's about a woman's struggle to find serenity... and sanity... after her divorce... sound familiar? But I have been thinking over the past few days that I have never felt better  mentally in my adult life! I feel content with myself, my weight, my personality, my career, overall my self worth. I love me like I have never loved me!

And surprisingly, or maybe that's just how the universe works, I've been trying a new regimen of supplements and they seem to be working both with my energy level, and my digestion! Thank the LORD!

I don't feel any pressure to do or be anything but myself, right now, in this moment. Sure, I still have the odd setback and pangs of anxiety, thinking about running into my ex or his family someday, which frankly, is inevitable, but overall, I know I will not die from the pain of trying and failing at anything.

"The passion is in the journey"

And I'm not afraid to admit proudly that I am a hopeless romantic that will always believe in love, no matter how much or how many times I get hurt. Love is worth the growth spurt! I just hadn't realized I could feel joy and contentment out of the gut-wrenching pain I thought might kill me almost a year ago.

I am ready to find the next exciting adventure! I'm a bit scared but isn't anything that's worth doing?

Stay tuned!

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