Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fitness and the Double Decker

Enough now. I have enjoyed my summer thus far! Friends, food and drink! But it's taken its toll on my middle! I cut myself some slack and now it's time to reign myself back in a bit! So... in four weeks I am throwing a party and until then - healthy food choices, exercise, and NO BOOZE! Yes, you heard it! The last official month of summer and NO BOOZE! I know that alcohol puts the weight on, at least for me, and frankly, I miss exercising!

Mentally I am feeling fabulous. I think it's time to take care of my body now, while still feeding my soul and mind! I guess I got that switched around but you get what I'm sayin'! Body, mind and soul!

I was watching the W Network and a show called Eat Yourself Thin. Four British girls, lookers, who transform decadent, high calorie/fat meals into something lighter! The premise is one woman who wants to drop a dress size and what her particular "weaknesses" are as far as food goes. The Brit girls show you how to use slightly different ingredients so you get the taste without the fat and caloric overload!  Very creative and I now want their cookbook!

In feeding my mind this weekend, I decided to ask for a Double Decker bus tour of London!

I went with my friends who have three young kids and it was really fun! It took us to Storybook Gardens (entry included in bus tour price) so we got to see the statue of Slippery and some other water-loving beasts! Not sure how I feel about the live guys being there but they were really cute!

I was surprised about the things I didn't know about the city I live in! Thanks guys!

There's also a cool photo contest for kids going on right now! You can find out more about the Double Decker tours, the contest and lots more London activities at the Tourism London website here:

I still have the digestive issues and am going back to the doc on Tuesday. Hopefully he'll give me the skinny on healthy lifestyle changes and how they may help my digestive track!


  1. I hope you find out what is going on with your digestive track and soon - I myself have diverticulosis and it was just exacerbated by stress and lack of proper hydration. I am sending you lots of hugs!!

  2. Thanks Marita! My aunt, mom's sis, has Crohn's and my mom has diverticulosis. Colon cancer runs in the family and yet I'm begging my doc to get me a scope! They said if I'm rushed, it'll be 4 months even if I drive to Strathroy or St. Thomas! How were you diagnosed? Stress and the lack of hydration sound like the culprits for me too!