Sunday, August 29, 2010


I saw something I found particularly amusing this week. It's not really funny if you think about it but visually, it rocked! I've had several discussions with people about whether or not e-bikes are allowed to be travelling in cycling lanes in the city. They are, because technically they are equipped with pedals and they are battery operated. So I've been conscious of their presence.

On the way home from work on Ridout I saw a guy in the cycle lane driving an e-bike with a giant cigarette hanging out of his mouth! I laughed out loud to myself and wondered if he saw the irony or anyone else did. This guy was doing his part for the environment, wearing a helmet to protect his brain, but smoking a fag, apparently throwing caution to the wind when it came to his lungs!

Hey, I'm not saying there isn't irony in my everyday activities too but it just struck me as humourous. Like that old joke that you'll take a hot fudge sundae but with a DIET coke!

I had some frank discussions with friends this week about the state of my mental health and the "vices" I can't seem to get away from. I like wine. Like Will Farrell's Ron Burgundy in Anchorman loves his scotch, I love red wine. It's killing me. It's killing me because I have it likely once a week or more but sometimes when I drink it I feel like smoking again. Yep, irony. Ironic that I have been working so hard at ironing out my digestive issues, finally finding a supplement combination that balances my energy level, and I sabotage it with my old friend, Vino, and her rotten friend Party Smoke. Seems they go hand in hand!

So at the sake of having them turn their backs on me, Vino and Party Smoke will have to carry on without me. Because I have a scary feeling that they will outlive me if I don't ditch them SOON!

Filling the time with riding my bike or hiking with Lola should be easy enough. It just has to become a habit. One that's MUCH better for me than those two home wreckers!

Now I AM hosting a get together in a few weeks, let's see how I make out day by day!

Let's see how this week goes and go from there! Stay tuned!

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