Sunday, May 30, 2010


My allergies are insane! A pounding sinus headache plus all the other symptoms. The pharmacist says I have to take an allergy pill AND a pain reliever! My mind is fuzzy at best!

Lola (my dog) and I ran an easy 3k today as we didn't get to it till the middle of the day when it was 30 degrees! I gave her a bath first and didn't dry her fur so she could feel a little cooler.

I am having some serious digestive issues. I can't seem to move anything through my system. After years of trying different digestive aids, I think it's finally taken its toll on my digestive tract. I can only hope with good nutrition and the abundance of exercise will help.

My tri class starts on Monday and I still have to get a bike rack to transport my bicycle. I may just have to ride it! I'm excited but also nervous about it. My legs still hurt from the hill repeats the other night.

Off to the beach today though to visit with friends and catch some rays! Lola loves the water and so do I! Let's hope the drugs help with the allergy symptoms!

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