Monday, May 31, 2010

On My Own

After crunching the numbers and thinking about how much gear I have to purchase including new runners, a bike rack and a wetsuit, it appears I won't be able to pay for a tri training clinic afterall, so it's just up to me!!!

I have eight weeks now until the Muskoka tri and I have looked at several training schedules. I cancelled my gym membership but it doesn't officially close till the start of August, so I can still train indoors if need be and more importantly use their pool!

I have worked out a rough sched of what days I train which discipline and am happy with it. Today I have to get in the pool, which is lucky since a big thunderclapper is on the way.

On another front, I have almost all of my packing done for the move except for linens, clothes and dishes, which I will do most of this week.

I am looking forward to "starting over" but it will be a little tricky fitting in the training as there is a "lull" between when the house closes and when I can get into the new place, hence being organized with a training sched and a bike rack for transporting the bike. If push came to shove I could train indoors of course but would prefer getting the feel of outdoors even if the weather sucks. I am hoping my drive to train will soften the blow of leaving my old life behind, some painful memories, but facing it just the same is part of the process. I am strong enough. And I want to be happy-go-lucky and carefree as I used to be. I can't do that till I move past the crap!

The motivation for me behind doing this and continuing the training, is that some people inevitably will think I can't do it. THAT is the overwhelmingly best motivation for me, to prove people wrong and to show myself I have what it takes.

Swimming today... we'll see how that goes! Then bootcamp tomorrow... YIKES!

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