Thursday, May 27, 2010


I did it! I signed up for a sprint triathlon on July 24th in Muskoka and paid for my entry fee! I'm too cheap to back out! 750m swim, 20k bike, 5k run.

I met with Jennifer at the Multisport Zone in London and she was great! I have to admit, talking about the gear (there is so much I need to get), about getting into the water(I haven't swam in a year) and transporting my bike around (I don't have a bike rack) was a bit overwhelming and intimidating. All the coaches there are obviously experienced and "pros". Jennifer wanted to fit me for a wetsuit so you can imagine my embarrassment when I had to tell her quietly I couldn't do it today because I was.... well.... "commando".

It's 35 frickin' degrees today!

I left thinking I have to go and sign up for the event right away or I will lose my nerve.

I cried on the way home because I think I was both excited and scared. I also know I am on the road to happy... I have really missed her but I think in some way, some weird twisted thought process, I'm afraid of her. Not sure why yet.

I am still scared to do this but I am signing up for the weekly women's tri clinic plus I will have my weekly 90 min. outdoor bootcamp to keep me motivated and committed. AND as long as the good weather prevails, I'm biking to work! Obviously with a death wish combatting the traffic in the morning!

But isn't anything worth doing a little bit scary? Isn't that what really builds character and confidence?

After dinner I did hill repeats at Gibbons Park in the sweltering heat. It hurt but it made me feel fantastic!

I'm on my way!

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