Sunday, June 6, 2010

Running and Lola the Showdog

Today I realized that it may not be possible to run with my dog Lola as the distances increase. I'm going to try a few things first, but we may have to keep it to leisurely jaunts. I know she loves to run with me and when we start out she has the leash in her teeth and is dragging me! But after about 15 min. she gets tired. She is also very distracted by squirrels, bicycles, motorbikes, other dogs and people, what can I say, she's a social dog! Today, I even took her to the dogpark first to get all the poo-ing out, but it looks terrible when we get near the end of a run and she is BEHIND me! But I feel so guilty doing something active without her. Therein lies a hint of my problem. I need to do things JUST FOR ME!

I have not gotten into the pool yet. I am afraid. I once, as an adult, panicked in the water and became frantic when I took some water in. Luckily my mom was there to calm me down. I HAVE to get in and start though. My gym has a pool but we ran by Thames Pool today and I think it may be open for the summer now. It's an option!

I also have to incorporate at least one day where I do two disciplines starting Monday. Lola and I did a 5k today and I'm thinking of hitting the gym pool today since it's overcast.

I decided I need to give myself more incentive. I told myself that if I keep to my sched this week and next, I will reward myself with a new dress. Anyone that knows me knows, I LOVE pretty dresses! It's almost a sickness!

I realized today too that I am more happy when I workout. This comes as no lightning bolt but I have to keep it in mind. I realized this week that I am afraid to fail. For some reason I would rather not try than to try, and fail. That can't be a new concept either but it has kept me from living a full life for far too long!

I started to dream again! Dream about that big lakefront house on the beach, my own TV talk show, that handsome dark-haired funny and supportive partner, and that cool SUV for camping trips and other adventures! I have to believe it's possible, but also live in the "right now", with all the things I'm grateful for!

My allergies still suck but I think they are manageable. No more excuses!

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