Thursday, June 10, 2010


Holy crap! I am going to hurt tomorrow! Turns out my cute and enthusiastic next door neighbour Alicia (she's training for a marathon!) signed up for the same session with the same instructor! She suggested we BIKE there and back! I thought it sounded great! I was winded when we GOT to bootcamp then on the way home I was just plain done like dinner!

Good GOD, I am so bushed! I know I am going to hurt... but it feels so good! GREAT idea Lish, you rock! And thanks to Jenn for another great summer bootcamp class!

I still haven't got in the water yet, don't know why I am so scared! Maybe I can do it this weekend! I LOVE the water but I think I am afraid I will just SUCK!

Lola and I are booked in for camping for the weekend, just the girls and I am so excited!

Just checked the forecast.... NOT so excited! They say it's supposed to rain Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 70 percent chance... LOL! Just shit luck I guess... but nothing can dampen our enthusiasm!!! We are heading out after work tomorrow, it should be fun, at least an adventure anyhow! And hopefully we can squeeze in a run when we're away! Can't wait to get Lola on that dog beach!

The soon-to-be-ex is moving his stuff. Hopefully I will be sitting by the campfire relaxing with my pooch, a book and s'mores!

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