Monday, June 14, 2010

Solo Camping

Solo camping rocks! I shouldn't say solo, I had my trusty canine navigatoress, Lola the Wonderdog and she was fabulous as usual!

When we first arrived, I couldn't figure out how to get the tent up... I wrestled with it for awhile and then thought, I'll pump up the air mattress my fantastic producer Ryan lent me. I opened the box for the pump and plugged in the cigarette lighter attachment and it didn't work..... Nothin'.... Then I read the instructions and realized it's a RECHARGEABLE pump and needed to be charged for TEN HOURS before using! Yep... I should have opened it before I left!

So, I sat frustrated and about to cry when I noticed a couple of guys setting up their site beside me... I hemmed and hawed and frankly did NOT in any way want to appear like a helpless female and when I sashayed over, that's exactly what I said to the guy. He came over and helped with me with the tent, lent me their pump and I took it to the bathroom close by to pump up the air mattress. I was still cool. Mostly because I have the best dog ever! After we set up camp, we took a long walk on the nearby Dunes beach and went swimming (me sans clothes - VERY liberating) It was warm and so lovely!

The air mattress lost air in the middle of the night but not before I had a grand time chatting with the fellas next door with some adult beverages! It was AOK!

Lola woke me up at 6am... I guess it was payback because I had to pee at 3am and dragged her to the washroom! We went into town for Timmies and a Timbit for my navigator... then back to the park and the dog beach... It was so early no one was there... We went back to the campsite and cooked lunch, then a hiking trail and off to the dog beach again. This time it was CROWDED! We stayed for a bit then went back to the site... I read a book while Lola sat in my lap... She was bushed and so was I!

Our neighbours invited us over for a fire and again adult bevvies and a grand time was had by all... luckily they like cute puppies! Lola was a hit!

Not much air left in the mattress but it was still fine... Lola and I passed out from sheer exhaustion! She let me "sleep in" till 7 on Sunday... Off to Timmies then a nice long walk on the dog beach... and then a barefoot run! It felt SO good!

I really had no thoughts about the soon-to-be-ex moving his stuff out until late morning when we thought about packing up and going home... That went quickly and smoothly and on the sleepy drive home, I couldn't help but wonder why it was that I just couldn't let go of my anger.. Why is it that I just cannot get over what he did to me? I am not an angry nor negative person but I just cannot conceive how someone can live with themselves and have no real remorse for what they have done. I just don't get it. Nor why someone could expect that you could just pretend it didn't happen, like your feelings and emotions mean nothing.

I got home to find my phone didn't work, nor the cable and not the internet either. I know it wasn't cut off because I personally arranged that part of the move. Something was pulled out or disconnected in some way. I got pissed! Angry... thinking how inconsiderate it was... to just leave and not check that... But that's the reason we are apart... I could not count on this person to be considerate... I had to vent... I called a friend and they were shocked at how upset I was... they said, "But what did you expect? Why do you keep thinking he won't screw things up?" I guess I never thought about it... I guess I just have to accept that that's "him"... you can never count on anything... but that's so sad...

I didn't bring my bike this time... no rack yet... but we did get some swimming in... not much but we did hit the water.... Lola LOVES the water! And running on the beach tuckered us out! ME at least!

Packing and moving boxes to the new place today... and a glass a red wine to end the day... Blissfully tuckered out!


  1. Hi Shauna, sounds like you had a great soul searching camping weekend! Hopefully you now have the bad stuff behind you! There will be many others who will be more deserving of the great Shauna Rae! Onwards and upwards!


  2. Indeed Andrew! Thanks for your encouragement!