Monday, June 7, 2010


Today I came out of work and three birds had shat on my windshield. Did I wipe it off or get grossed out? Nope, thought it was a sign of luck so left it there! Three different loads? Don't all good things come in threes???

Got home today and it was beautiful! Perfect for a bike ride! I mapped out a 10k ride to get me in the groove... lots of hills and riding against the wind. A good test of my tenacity, as before I would have quit! The hills were tough and the traffic, dangerously close but it wasn't rush hour so I considered myself lucky! And I feel great!

I got a call from a family member today that normally would have sent me off the rails. A crisis sort of call that is designed to have me completely take the reigns, then worry myself sick about someone else's problem. The kind of problem that would send me to the bottom of a litre of ice cream or to empty a bottle of red wine. I stayed still. I faced it. Because I know I am strong enough, and important enough to take care of ME first ("...and gosh darn it, people like me..."-Stuart Smalley SNL)

My guilty pleasure, The Bachelorette, is on soon.

It has been a good day. Not just lucky, but GOOD!

Happy is gaining on me and I think she may just stay this time!

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  1. Great Job! You up for a ride on Friday after work???