Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The showdog put in an impressive day today! Just when I thought I would have to leave Lola at home for my runs, we did a 5k today with only a few minor bathroom breaks! I was almost dragging her panting ass near the end but hell I was draggin my panting ass too!

It dawned on me that we are both in training! Lola only has done these runs in the past when I've done them. So she's at the same endurance level as me. We'll BOTH get better with time and consistency!

Thanks to Alicia for suggesting taking our bikes to bootcamp on Thursday, great idea! Tomorrow it's supposed to rain so I'm going to try and do a swim and a cycling class in the afternoon/evening.

I handled my "family" situation and I didn't dive into a litre of Moose Tracks nor a nice bottle of Hardys. I did however have a wicked craving for maple syrup on Village Harvest bread! I only had a tiny bit, just enough to satiate my cravings!

The "soon-to-be-ex" will be moving his stuff out of the house this weekend. I'm debating about taking Lola camping on our own and think it may be the best thing. That will be another hurdle in the healing process. Packing is going well, a little each night, and I should have it done by Friday!

Smiles all around!

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  1. Yay!! You are doing super great....just remember it is all about the journey...

    Good luck at the Cycle and Swim tomorrow...such an inspiration...looking forward to our bike ride to hellcamp...I mean bootcamp...